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Judith F. Osei Tutu, of African Clothing Liberty Services, Inc. is making a big difference in the Charlotte cultural scene
through her clothing and fabrics.

As a former Branch Manager for the Harbor Bank of Maryland, she saw the need to introduce African colorful and
comfortable clothing to friends and families. Whether they needed them for weekends or for special occasions, while
still in banking. They were always happy with the results and compliments.

Judith got married and relocated to Charlotte in 2001. She decided not to go back to Banking and established her
own business. Always looking for ways to help and serve, she opened a check cashing business with prepaid credit
cards, prepaid phones, home phone services, and many others. As the business grew, she began to donate clothes
for Fashion Shows in Charlotte and created awareness about the African Culture and the similarities through  her

Word spread quickly and was constantly asked to do Fashion Shows in Churches and different venues. She also did
several Fashion Shows on TV.

As a native of Ghana, West Africa, she began to work with the Charlotte Sister Cities to bring a “Taste of Ghana” to
Queen City. This is an annual event at the Afro American Cultural Center, where we serve various Ghanaian foods,
sell authentic African artifacts and do a Fashion Show. This is part of the AACC Family Day Celebration and attracts
about 800-1000 people from across the United States.

The Fashion Show is a special component in the Taste of Ghana since we had models from South Africa, Ghana,
Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, African Americans and “at-risk” kids right here in Charlotte. “When people feel
good about themselves whether through fashions or just knowing someone cares, they will not commit crimes nor
hurt other people.  So with clothing and the Fashion Shows we make people feel good about themselves and their
perception of others are changed too. This makes a big difference in our models and the people I mentor. It is my
hope that they pass this on to the next generation and simply share this with others."

Thank You.
Bonita Buford
World Beat Tours
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